“Take That” and “TVXQ”: their breakups (& reunion)… how I see & feel about them


This is another post about my old time fave boyband, Take That (read my previous post here if you wanna know more about them). What’s happened to them makes me think of what’s currently happened to my fave Korean boyband TVXQ and my fandom.


There are many things show the similarity between this group and our TVXQ:

Both of the groups have a name begun with “T” (errr… for TVXQ and Tohoshinki only tho, not their original Korean name *grin*)
Both of the groups consist of five talented guys
Both of the groups do not just sing but they are good at dancing as well
Both of the groups always give the best live performances and spectacular shows
Both of the groups know very well how to make girls go crazy
Both of the groups can act foolishly on and off stage
Both of the groups have members who play musical instruments well
Both of the groups have lead vocalist who also like composing songs
Both of the groups have a very talented member who was kinda in a shadow but outshine later and also renowned for the “Casanova” label
Both of the groups have a member who was a dancer before joining the group
Both of the groups had problems when they are on top of their career
One of the group disbanded and the other group just don’t do things together anymore
BUT… will TVXQ get back together again just like what Take That did after 15 years of split up?


While in Toho case my fave members (my hubby-to-be Jae and my boyfriend Su… and their best buddy Chun) are the ones who ‘left‘ the group (they’re officially still as TVXQ members up till now though) while for Take That my most fave member (Gary Barlow) is the one who stayed. So… what’s happened to Take That didn’t have this high impact on me as what’s happened to TVXQ… and also that their fandom is not as avid as I feel when I join this TVXQ fandom.

The reason for their ‘break-up‘ is also different. Robbie Williams first left the group in 1995 coz he had problems with drugs (the rumor has it) and coz he had internal problems with other members. A year later the group was disbanded… yet in 2006 they, minus Robbie Williams, made a come back. THIS is the time when I feel happy coz I would have a chance to see my Gary sings again on stage! Oh how I luv my Gary! (mmmm… I feel like a sista to Spongebob coz both of us really luv “Gary”… *grin* but my Gary definitely likes singing better than just ‘meow’-ing!)

After they broke up they had their solo projects. Gary Barlow composed and released albums of his owns. He also composed many songs for other singers. Robbie Williams released many albums and singles and became as success as his former group. Mark Owen released album but didn’t gain success after a couple of trying. Jason Orange and Howard Donald didn’t have many solo projects… they also didn’t have their solo albums. Jason just put more concern on his dance and breakdancing skills. While Howard was busy with his activities as dancer, DJ and also song writer.

Although TVXQ doesn’t break up… but the separate ways they take now makes me feel that they’ve already broken up. They continue doing their solo or subgroup projects. Junsu had his own solo singles and musical stage play. Yoochun and Jaejoong have played in TV dramas. The three members keep composing new songs and they formed a new group named JYJ and produced two albums so far, one Japanese mini album and one int’l album. While Changmin and Yunho both did acting in TV dramas as well and plan to release an album in near future.

When Take That disbanded, I just kinda regret the situation but I know that I didn’t have any rights against their decision… so I just try to enjoy their solo projects after that. I didn’t wait for them to be five again, even it didn’t occur on my mind at that time that they will be five again and that I should wait for them. I just thought that it’s over (the group)… and I just had to accept the fact. I just enjoy their solo projects… and back to enjoy the group’s songs once in a while. I have a simple rule that time… I follow any member who had great works and just ignore the ones whose works I don’t quite like. I don’t have any feeling as being the good fan and bad fan of them. And I didn’t stick on my bias (Gary) all the time. After I experience their solo projects, my bias moved from Gary to Robbie. I luv Gary’s ballads… but I madly deeply in luv with Robbie’s pieces, whether it’s Britpop, rock or even the swing! So, basically I had the principles to just enjoy the music or the works that I like the most. And now, when I look back at that stance of mine I feel that it’s the best decision I took… coz I never regret it at all, not till now.

Knowing what has happened to TVXQ now, I think that I should not put too much hope that they will be together again… just like what I did to Take That. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think that TVXQ boys will be together again in near future. Why? JaeChunSu, of course, I believe will not go back to their Korean entertainment company SM. I even hope that they won’t go back there! What has happened between them and SM after the lawsuit made their relationship is at their worst. If they will go back there, I just can’t imagine how SM will treat them! *sigh* While HoMin, they chose to stay and they have their own reason… strong reason for this. Because they stay and up till now we can ‘see’ that they seem to be okay with their current situation (dunno their real feeling, tho). So if we want them to be five again maybe HoMin have to leave SM and join the three. But it’s unfair for them if they feel happier under SM. See? Unless JaeChunSu or HoMin make a drastic move and make a big sacrifice… they won’t be able to be together as five again. I really don’t wanna see them hurt again. Being together again meaning that somehow they will get hurt, it could be JaeChunSu or HoMin, depend on who will make a sacrifice. So… it’s okay for me if for the time being they just have their own separate ways as long as they’re happy with it… and God knows how I really want that they’re truly happy with this! And about they are being five again… although it’s kinda difficult in near future… but maybe they will be together again someday… five, ten, or maybe fifteen years from now. Nobody knows now…

So instead of putting too much hope and wait (in misery) I prefer to enjoy what they offer us now. And don’t force me to like all of their works. And don’t bash me coz I only like my bias’ works up till now. Although my bias in Take That is Gary, but that didn’t mean that I stuck to him only… meaning that I didn’t follow and luv everything about him only. When I knew and felt that Robbie’s songs are awesome, I followed him more. And this what I (will) do to TVXQ boys. Coz up till now JYJ has given me the pieces that I luv… so I still follow them. And maybe if later HoMin can give me works that I luv then I’ll follow them. That’s it! Yet, although there’s Robbie, but my luv for Gary is still strong here inside me and it’s kinda irreplaceable. So does what I feel for my JaeSu (especially my hubby-to-be Jae)… it will be irreplaceable… but it won’t make me close my heart for the others.

When finally Take That got back together again, though only four of them, I kinda surprised and felt very happy. Moreover when I read the news some months ago that they would be together as five again. This is the thing that I’d never imagined before. They reunite because they feel to do so… and they seem so fine with this. So, for TVXQ’s case, if they will be together again someday in the future… I’ll be very happy (IF they are happy too) coz I finally can hear them singing TVXQ songs again. But if they will not be together again… then let it be. Maybe that’s what they think and feel the best for all.


Sunday to Saturday by Take That
Taken from their 3rd album ‘Nobody Else’

credit: shaofengjp

When I saw this vid… oh my God, I just remember TVXQ too. This video… is kinda the same with Toho videos. It shows how happy and full of laughter when they are together… and how dorky the boys could be. Just like what TVXQ boys often showed us.

Seeing the success they got… and the brotherhood and love among them they showed us… never imagined that they would disband on the top of their career. Just like our TVXQ boys… never imagined that they will go their separate ways. However tight the brotherhood feeling between them… it doesn’t mean nor guarantee that they have to take the same path in their life, right? Even brothers by blood can have different kind of life each… though their feeling toward each other may still the same. Although their feeling changed… it may not make them as long life enemy. Take That members have their fights and other internal problems between them that made them broke up… yet time heals all the wound and they could be together again.

In our boys’ case… we don’t really know what has happened… we don’t really know what happens now… and we don’t really know what will happen in the future. Maybe they will be five again as Take That… maybe not. Maybe the brotherhood feeling is still there… yet maybe they become long life enemies. Who knows? I myself just wanna wait and see. ‘Wait’ in the term that I just let the time flies and not put too much hope…


Never forget by Take That
Taken from their 3rd album ‘Nobody Else’

credit: TakeThatHD

The song’s lyrics and the video just remind me of TVXQ too. They have gained their success, but…

“Been on this path of life for so long
Feel I’ve walked a thousand miles
Sometimes strolled hand in hand with love
Everybody’s been there
With danger on my mind I would stay on the line of hope
I knew I could make it
Once I knew the boundaries I looked into the clouds and saw
My face in the moonlight
Just then I realized what a fool I could be
Just cause I look so high I don’t have to see me
Finding a paradise wasn’t easy but still
There’s a road going down the other side of this hill

Never forget where you’ve come here from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will be someone else’s dream

Been safe from the arms of disappointment for so long
Feel each day we’ve come too far
Yet each day seems to make much more
Sure is good to be here
I understand the meaning of “I can’t explain this feeling”
Now it feels so unreal
At night I see the hand that reminds me of the stand I make
The fact of reality

Never forget where you’ve come here from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will be someone else’s dream

We’ve come so far and we’ve reached so high
And we’ve looked each day and night in the eye
And we’re still so young and we hope for more
But remember this
We’re not invincible, we’re not invincible – No
We’re only people, we’re only people
Hey we’re not invincible, we’re not invincible
So again I’ll tell you

Never forget where you’ve come here from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will be someone else’s dream”


First thing first… don’t bash JaeChunSu that they ‘forget where they’ve come from… that is SM’ and say that if not because of them suing SM then TVXQ will still be together. Reading their contract here made me really understand why they want a better work environment. It’s not because of greed.

I myself once worked in a local public accounting firm that treat their employees (especially the juniors) only as their ‘complement’. They thought (maybe they still till now) that the employees (especially the new or fresh graduate ones) could gain experiences and learned a lot being work for them thus they treat them so unfairly, especially in the remuneration and the way they ‘treat’ us. After all they (the juniors) also get the accounting & auditing (& any other) knowledge from the firm, eh? So it’s kinda like being paid for being ‘student’ there. But still it’s a job… not a school! At that time my dad said “Whattt? Just that sum of money you got? For a uni graduate?” Even his workers who are only blue collar workers graduated from junior high school received the same amount as I got! And to think that they treat the junior as the dumbest, while in fact some seniors are not smarter than us the juniors. And I couldn’t just stay there… I didn’t sue them though, I asked for better condition and I got unsatisfying answer. Once the contract was over I moved out and got a better job. Though the later company is not as well known as the previous… but I felt being more respected. Even my bosses treat us the juniors as their ‘partners’ and let us bring our ideas and listen to our opinions upon certain matters more. So I do understand very well if JaeChunSu just want a better work condition. Not just about the money they get, but the feeling of being respected is also involved. They can’t just move to other company, they’ve been tied by that very long contract. If they have to wait until the contract is over, maybe it would be too late for them… their ‘peak’ career may have already over, and it will be difficult for them to start over. So they asked for better work condition to SM and coz they didn’t get it they sued SM coz there’s no other possible way. As for HoMin, they may feel satisfy enough with what they get so they prefer to stay. Just like some friends of mine who chose to stay to work on the firm. They may think that their career will be good there, considering that they work for a kinda well known firm (company)… than to move out and not sure where to work other than their current firm (company) and whether their condition will be better than their current state. We have different belief and chose different path. The same goes for the boys… they also have different belief and chose different path.

I felt touched listening to this song years ago when Take That had their last tour. They hadn’t decided to disband at that time… and to think about it later I feel that this song is really a ‘goodbye’ song from them. They’ve already felt that they won’t be together again at that time. Their words “there’s a road going down the other side of this hill” and “someday soon this will all be someone else’s dream” just referred to me that they realized their end of journey as a group. In my opinion, this song could represent what’s happened to TVXQ these days… just for TVXQ as a whole group… not to each of its members. Although in reality TVXQ is not over yet, and the name may always remain coz SM wanna use it, but I sense that somehow TVXQ is ‘over’. They are legend so their achievements and their songs will always remain there in the history… in our mind and our heart… and never ever be forgotten. But ‘physically’, there’s no more TVXQ for me.

This Take That song is also describe well about how each members of TVXQ may feel now… although TVXQ is may be not near its ending… but their current situation is felt like it. Our boys have come so far, they have gained their success being the top in the Korean (even Asian) music industry… and they did that with lots of hard works and love together. Although they still feel that they are still young (as a group) and hope and want to do more (as a group)… yet they have to face the road that’s going down on the other side of the hill now… coz after all they are only human… after all they are not invincible.

I believe that they really are strong guys, and know for sure that’s all their dreams will not be achieved through easy path & good times only… but also have so many difficulties in the process. I believe that they have stronghold to start over again ‘individually’ (whether as smaller group such as duo or trio, or as soloist)… after all they are still young and hope for more. They will take separate path in their career… yet never give up their dreams. I hope that each of them will get succeed. They are part of the group that I love the most… so, though not equally, still all of them have that special place in me. And I will just see their efforts from now on… and see later how big they can make… and pray for them during the process…

The faith that each of them will never give up their dreams and move forward…
The faith that each of them will do and give us the best of them…
The faith that each of them will gain more success in the future…


Holding back the tears by Take That
Taken from their 3rd album ‘Nobody Else’

credit: leannesg86

This title of the song reminds me of TVXQ’s song… *sad*. When I found the news about the three members’ lawsuit I couldn’t help myself cried… the first cry I ever had in my life only for what has happened to my fave singers/artists! But life goes on… they continue on their life and I continue to live my life. Although the fandom is not the same as before… but I still stay and enjoy it to the level that I’m willing to take.

Our live have so many colorful moments… so many mixture of feelings… even twist here and there. It’s our job to handle those twisted feeling … we have to adjust the feeling we have with the situation we face … so that we can go on and stay alive.
Just like the fandom… I just have to be able to control my feeling toward this fandom of mine… and not the other way around. I should be the one who decide how should I react toward the fandom… and not being dictated by it.
It won’t be easy though… coz of the avid fandom I have here… coz of the complicated fandom I have now…
I have hopes… I have desires… I have things I want them to do… but it’s their full rights whether they want to do what I want them to do or not…
Though I want them to do this and that, I just can’t push them to do what I like… coz they have their own will… their own life… their own hope…
Let them live their life as I live my life…
I continue to live my life by enjoying the most what they offer me from now on…
Let them live their life by enjoying the most what they really like doing from now on…

“I kind of keep asking myself little questions
Like where do I go from here
I seem to keep loosing track of time and how long it’s been
Since I last had you near

Been a painful road to a door that’s closed
Been a gamble that I knew I couldn’t win
Been a lonely conversation to this photograph of you
In the mirror there’s a sing I must give in

So I’m not holding back the tears anymore
tryin’ escape the heartache, tryin’ escape emotion
No I’m not holding back the tears anymore
Yesterday’s my memory reminding me of all the time
I depended on you …”



Take That released their latest album, as a reunion album, “Progress” on November 15, 2010… just a week ago. They will also hold a UK tour next year.
Just like TVXQ, the album is being the biggest selling album in their country, and the ticket sales for the tour also caused phone line crashed because of the massive demand. The ticket sales is also being the fastest selling ticket ever.


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